5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

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5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Sometimes when accidents occur, they seem like a cut and dry case where whomever is at fault will automatically cover everything that happened to the driver that wasn’t at fault. Unfortunately, things don’t always work this way and insurance companies will do whatever it takes to keep from shelling out cash. Hiring a personal injury lawyer that is experienced in the specific case matter at hand can save a plaintiff a lot of money – and stress says truck accident lawyer dallas . Here are 5 ways a personal injury lawyer can help a case.

  1. You won’t have to pay if you don’t win your case. Most reputable personal injury lawyers don’t collect their attorney fees unless the person they are representing wins their case. Still to be paid are fees involved in a case; such as paying a doctor who reviewed your files, etc. But, many people avoid hiring an attorney for a personal injury case because they believe they will have to pay them win or lose, which is generally false.gavel-money-web
  1. They are used to dealing with insurance companies. If someone chooses not to hire an attorney for a personal injury case, especially with no experience in the matter beforehand, chances are the insurance company will end up getting them to settle for an extremely low amount. Personal injury lawyers are well versed in dealing with insurance companies and won’t allow them to pressure themselves or their clients into low settlements.office_lawyer_client
  1. Free consultation. Many times, legal action is thought necessary when it won’t actually result in any financial gain. Most, if not all personal injury lawyers will provide clients a free consultation to determine whether or not it is worth it to pursue legal action. This can end up saving a client stress and money.Free-Consultation-2
  1. They’ve got a chance to win if a case goes to trial. Representing oneself at trial is never a good idea; not in a lawsuit and not in a criminal case,just never a good idea. The chances of someone winning a trial without a lawyer are slim to none, if not zero. Most personal injury cases don’t end up seeing a trial but instead result in a settlement, mediation or arbitration. However, if a case does end up at trial, having a good personal injury attorney on the case can (immensely) increase chances of winning.Seeking Justice
  1. Experience experience experience. If practice makes perfect and the law is their practice and they’ve been doing it for over twenty years it is likely to assume that an attorney is an expert in their field. No matter what the circumstances of a personal injury case, consulting with a private injury attorney should be the first thing anyone does when deciding how to go about legally handling a personal injury case.experience_wordblur_transparent
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What Are The Practice Areas Offered By Personal Injury Lawyers?

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What Are The Practice Areas Offered By Personal Injury Lawyers?

The law is broad and has different practice areas based on different topics. Every attorney who has been called to the bar in the State is a general lawyer, meanwhile, others who specialize in legal fields, such as a personal injury lawyer, are specialized lawyers. Personal injury lawyers are more grounded in civil law, specifically, law bordering around Torts law and other civil wrongs. A tort, in civil law, is defined as a civil wrong that causes another to suffer injury or loss and results in a legal liability. Injury in a legal sense is not restricted to physical injuries, but also to emotional, economic and reputation injuries. Personal injury lawyers deal with issues relating to the following under Torts;

  1. Personal injury: it encompasses injury inflicted on the mind, body or emotions of an individual. This injury may be caused by negligence- the breach of duty to take care, or by an intentional act.


Here are some types of personal injury;

  • Road traffic accidents: statistics have shown that road injuries claimed over 1.4 million people in 2013. The causes of road traffic accidents may be negligence or malfunction. Whichever is the case, claims for compensation is handled by a personal injury lawyer.Boylston police chief Anthony G. Sahagian directs traffic around a serious head-on collision in front of 74 Main Street in Boylston shortly before 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 1, 2011. (PAUL KAPTEYN)
  • Slip and fall: When an individual is injured on the premises of another party, by slipping on any object, the owner of the premises may be liable for damages. This rule is also referred to as occupier’s liability; occupiers, in this context, include tenants and owners of the property. The law is only concerned with the person occupying the premises and the reasonable duty of care he/she owes visitors.slip-and-fall-lawyer-coquitlam-bc
  • Accidents at work: failure of an employer to provide safety equipment for his/her employees and injury resulting from such negligence will make him/her liable for damages. Usually, some companies offer compensation to injured employees without any need for litigation; negotiations are organized through compensation agencies. Where negotiations fail, a civil action can be instituted for a claim of personal injury.Workplace-Accidents1
  • Medical accidents: injuries accruing from professional negligence of health care providers are medical injuries. In the US, 1.14 million medical negligence cases were reported between the years 2000-2002.Injured woman in pain at the doctor with a surgical collar and a broken arm
  • Defect accidents: manufacturers of products are mandated to keep their products on the quality required by law. Failure to follow this rule strictly will mean that manufacturers will be liable to pay damages if consumers are injured by their products.Closeup car disc brakes servicing for replacement tire

Why understand the practice Areas of personal injury lawyers?

Understanding the practice areas of personal injury lawyers will make it easier to identify if there is a claim or an injury for which damages or compensation should be paid.

Also, because personal injury lawyers specialize in the particular area of law, they have the requisite knowledge to handle matters of personal injury and would do better than general lawyers not specialized in the field says truck accident lawyer dallas. When a person suffers injury related to any of the above mentioned, the individual may contact a personal injury lawyer to ascertain his/her claim.

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